Generally one needs to have between 25 and 30 days to visit most of the Ethiopian Tour destinations. But the common practice is that these routes are sub-divided and packaged in to 10 to 15 days Tour Programs.

Either flight or surface Tour programmes or a mix of both can be arranged. Obviously tours arranged through flight take lesser days but the spectacular views of the Ethiopian landscape, farmlands, vegetation and market places are missed.

The following are the most frequented touristic circuits in Ethiopia :

  • The northern Tourist circuit
  • The southern Tourist circuit
  • The Eastern Tourist Circuit
  • The Western Tourist circuit
  • The Semien Mountain Trekking
  • The Bale Mountains Trekking
  • The Surma Trekking.

Usually, the Eastern and Western tourist circuits can be incorporated into either the Northern or the Southern touristic circuits as extension Tours for those who wish longer days of visit.
Specialist Tour programs can also be arranged for bird watchers, for bicycle tours, study tours and others. Please note that there is always room for flexibility and up on request special programmes that suit your pocket and time can be arranged.
And special discounts are available for tour companies (new to the Ethiopian destinations) who would wish to do a familiarization trip.

 The Northern Historic Route ( Tours that include Axum,Lalibela,Gonder,Bahirdar ,plus some parts of the Eastern Ethiopia like H

The Southern Ethiopia Tours ( Tours that include Bale National park, Arbaminch, Jinka , Turmi, the Rift Valley lakes and The Omo valley)

Trekking (Trekkings that include The Semien Mountains , Bale Mountains , Dodola , and Surma areas)

BIRD WATCHING (Gefersa, Awash national park,Langano, Wendogenet, Negele , Yabello, Awasa Soaf Omar )

Addis Ababa and the surrounding ( Two to three days tour programmes with in an average radius of 200 Kms from Addis Ababa

The Master Tour Programme (Fifty three days Tour programme that covers most parts of Ethiopia )

Special Interest Tours ( If you wish your own special programme designed for you fill out this form and send it )